8 Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Halloween Home Decor


new homes in AtlantaWith fall in full swing, all the thrills, chills and pumpkin delights are abound. What better way to enjoy this pumpkin-flavored season, than pumpkin carving with your family? Don’t let creative block ruin a good time; here’s a list of eight seriously festive pumpkin carving ideas:

  1. Message Pumpkins – Almost everyone has a message they want to spread, and what better way to send a fun and spooky message than with a couple words carved on your pumpkin. Carving a few words such as “Spooky is what you think you see” along with a vague outline of a haunted house or something as simple as “Happy Halloween” with a carved picture can make a bigger impact than just your run-of-the-mill jack-o-lantern.
  2. Masterpiece pumpkins – You may not be the next Pollack or Picasso, but with some time and dedication, you can become the next “Pump-kasso.” Shake things up a bit and try your hand at carving a rendition of The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh, Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, American Gothic by Grant Wood or many others. To do this, scrape away the pumpkin’s outer shell rather than cutting a hole through it. Once the pumpkin wall is an inch thick, light will shine through and your master piece will take shape.
  3. Friendly Pumpkins – Scary and spooky faced pumpkins are very typical on Halloween. Break away from the pack and create something friendly and fun for trick-or-treaters. Carve smiley faces with eyes, a nose and eyebrows then light it up with a simple candle. Buy pumpkins of differing sizes and stack a small one on top of a bigger one to create happy and smiley snowmen-esque pumpkin people! Put a flower on top for some hair, broom sticks in the sides for arms and flowers for buttons instead of pieces of coal.
  4. Pumpkin Wreaths – Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! Make a tasteful fall wreath out of a couple inexpensive items. Pick up some mini pumpkins, some heavy florist wiring, plastic foam wreath form, sheet moss, florist pins and wide black ribbon. Use the wire to puncture holes through the mini pumpkins. Once you’ve filled the wire with mini pumpkins, place it on the foam wreath form and time the ends of the wire together. Using the sheet moss, cover exposed areas of the wreath and make a bow with the black ribbon. Add that to the top of your wreath and hang from the front door.
  5. Stacked Pumpkins – This idea is a piggy back of the friendly pumpkin idea. Buy multiple sizes of pumpkins and stack them on top of one another to create pumpkin people with bodies, faces and arms. Get creative and carve the face into the top of the pumpkin and use the pumpkin’s stem as the nose. Carve the body to look like a shirt or a tuxedo to give your pumpkin some character. Add pieces of pumpkin to the top for hair or the sides for arms.
  6. Pumpkin Cooler –  A simple yet functional idea, hollow out an extra large pumpkin, cut it in half, line the bottom with a two-gallon plastic bag and fill it with ice for your next party. All you need next is assorted beverages and you’re set!
  7. Cookie-cutter Pumpkins – Although these pumpkins are “cookie-cutter,” they’re anything but basic, and they take no time to make. Start by selecting a theme, such as leaves, ghosts, or spiders. Cut a hole in the bottom instead of the top, and clean out the insides. Place a cookie cutter on the pumpkin. Gently tap the cutter with a rubber mallet until it pushes through the skin. Repeat until you complete your desired design. Then simply place each pumpkin over a small candle, and enjoy the ghoulish glow.
  8. Keep-It-Simple Pumpkins – These are the easiest design, but still bring a wonderful creativity and Fall feeling to your home. Using oversize heirloom pumpkins in various shades of orange and green as bases, cut a small circle out of the top and simply place a candle holder with a candle in the top. Line your steps of sidewalk with them for a perfect way to welcome guests to a fall-themed party.

Remember to have a fun fall season and to be safe this Halloween as you and your children go out for trick-or-treating. If you’re looking to make Atlanta your new Halloween home for trick-or-treating, we offer numerous homes in Atlanta. For more information, visit our website.

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